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Sodium Bi Sulphite


We are positioned at the apex in the list of the most preeminent Sodium Bisulfite or Sodium Bi Sulphite Manufacturers and Exporters in India. The Sodium Bisulfite or Sodium Bi Sulphite Solutions is Pale straw colored and the Sodium Bisulphite Powder is in white crystalline form. Additionally, the Sodium Bisulphite is checked as per the norms of standard analytical method. Customers are also facilitated with the availability of the NaHSO3 in customized packing to meet the specific requirements.

Main Uses
In Textile Industry
In Photography Industry
In Papaer and pulp Industry
In Pharma Industry

Specifications of Sodium Bi Sulphite, Sodium Bisulphite, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Bi Sulfite



Molecular Weight


Assay as (Na2S2O5)

95 % Min.

Assay as (SO2)

62 % Min.

Solubility (10 % Aquous Soln)

Very Slight Hazy to clear solution.

pH Value of 5% Solution

3.5 to 4.5


White crystalline powder, free from extraneous Matter with a faint odour of sulphur dioxide gas.

Standard Packing

25 Kg. / 50 Kg. HDPE bag with extra liner inside.
*Special packaging requirements can be accommodated.

The product is tested by our standard analytical method.

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