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Antimony Trioxide

Our collection of Antimony trioxide catalytic grade comes to be considered as an major commercial compound composed of Antimony. It comes utilized as an excellent pacifying agent in the composition operations of glasses and ceramics and in composing antimony salts as Catalyst. We sell at various reasonable pricing.

We present a wide assortment of Antimony trioxide that is known for environment friendliness.

It is produced from stibnite ores (antimony trisulfide) and also as a by-product of lead smelting and production. Besides, it is used mainly in fire retardant formulations for different material like plastics, rubbers, textiles, paper and paints.

We provide this chemical in properly packed quality material that retains their freshness and purity. Following are some of the features :

Proper composition
Optimum concentration
Right pH value

We have been composing various forms of the Antimony Trioxide Catalytic Grade. Our output comes to very popular in the utility at many levels of the industry. We ensure durability on the condition of our output that has been known for its static shelf life and other features of great utility. In addition, we have conducted research and development programs on the powder of our output and hope to develop a more extensive product.

ATO acts as a synergist with halogen containing compounds to impart Flame Retardancy in various Plastics.

Low addition levels of ATO effectively reduce the overall dosage of the Flame Retardant additives thereby reducing the deterioration of the physical properties of the plastics.

Applications: PVC, FR / FRLS Power Cables * Conveyor Belts * Unsaturated Polyester Resin * Masterbatches & Compounds


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