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Chromium Oxide Green

Chromium Oxide Green

Light to dark green or bright green, fine crystalline solid. CAS No.: 1308-38-9

Kroxide is Chromium(III) Oxide inorganic compound of the formula Cr2O3. It is one of the principal oxides of chromium and is used as a pigment. Chrome green can be used to refer to a mixture of chrome yellow (Lead Chromate) and prussian blue (Ferrocyanate).

Chrome oxide green is used in manufacturing of linoleum, ceramic glazes, industrial coatings, frits, colored glass, plastics, roofing tiles, stainless steel electrodes, paints, inks and glasses. In addition to this it is also used in the production of aerospace super-alloys and refractory bricks for glass and fiberglass industry.

Parameters Specification
90% 97% 99%
Cr2O3 % ≥ 90 97 99
Moisture% ≤ 0.5 0.5 0.15
Water soluble matter % 8-10 2-3 0.1-0.2
PH Value % 5-8 5-8 6-8

These grades of chrome oxide green are further customized for different application like ceramic glaze, paint and coatings, pigment for construction chemicals, rubber, plastic etc.

Use as an ingredient in the refractories and brake linings
As a raw material for the manufacture of chromium metal
As a raw material for production of mixed metal oxides in the ceramic industry
As green pigment for coloring building materials, plastics and also as a refractory

Available in 25 kg bags.




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