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Oil Based Defoamers / Non Silicone Defoamers

Mineral Oil Based Defoamer
100% Active Mineral Oil Based Defoamer is Silicon Free defoamer that is based on Hydrocarbon solvent and is ideally suitable for chemical process in various industries. The defoamer is not only capable of destroying foam from the system but also control re-generation of foam. The additive is APEO free.


Hazy Yellow to Amber Liquid

pH of 2% Solution

7.0 ± 1

Specific Gravity

0.9 ± 0.05

Acid Value

10 Maximum


Dispersible in water Miscible with Aliphatic / Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent

Shelf Life

1 Year

Paints & Inks
Chemical Processes
Degreasing Chemicals & Lubricant Industry


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