SAP Hygiene Diapers


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Personal Hygiene

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are primarily used as an absorbent for water and aqueous solutions for diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, and similar applications.

The most common form of super absorbents is a dry, white/off-white powder that looks like table salt or sugar. Absorbent polymers can vary in their absorption capacity, and even in their speed of absorption - some are fast and some are slow. In de-ionized water, most super absorbents will absorb at 200-800 times their weight.

The largest use of SAP is found in personal disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, adult protective underwear and sanitary napkins.

The use of super absorbent polymers revolutionized the diaper industry. Diaper manufacturers began to design diapers to take advantage of the amazing liquid retention ability of the polymer. Super absorbent polymers absorb, and retain under a slight mechanical pressure, about 30 times their weight in urine. The swollen gel holds the liquid in a solid, rubbery state and prevents the liquid from leaking onto the baby’s skin and clothing.


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