SAP Cooling Gel Packs


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Usage in Cooling Gel Packs & Packaging Products

We are engaged in offering excellent quality Gel Packs to our valuable clients. Super absorbent polymer is a cross-linked sodium polyacrylate displaying high total absorption capacity. It has an excellent dry aspect and gel strength with lowest extractable polymer and free acrylic acid content. They are suitable for a wide range of absorption applications requiring high absorbency of aqueous fluids.

It has been proven to successful in the ice gel pack industry due to its greater holding capacity and absorption rate.

With the help of our quality proven and excellent services, we are engaged with manufacturing and exporting of Super Absorbent Polymer. This polymer can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of liquid relative to their own mass. Our Super Absorbent Polymer is eco-friendly and flexible along with the capacity to absorbing. Owing to these features, it is used in diapers and incontinence garments, surgical pads, wound dressings and filtration applications. We offer these polymers to our clients at affordable price.


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