Innova Corporate (India) SAP (Sodium Absorbent Polymer)


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) as Artificial Snow

Looks like real snow! When added to water, the polymer expands like real snow crystals! Safe & nontoxic.

This is acrylic polymer - like the product found in baby diapers - but a special cross-linking system in the molecule causes it to expand and expand!

The product will slowly dry out with evaporation but can be renewed with mist from a sprayer bottle of water.

Artificial snow is an amazing chemical or polymer that turns ordinary water into a fluffy substance that looks like real snow. This faux snow is so realistic that it is now being used on movie sets and in indoor snowboarding parks. This fake snow is in a classification of chemicals called a polymer. Just add water to the mysterious white powder and in seconds the transformation begins. The liquid magically changes into a fluffy white powder that looks just like snow. It's actually a safe, non-toxic polymer that absorbs water and fluffs up to look like snow.

When this granular white powder is added to water, it instantly expands to 40 times its original volume, producing a snow-like material. When more water is added, a slush forms. When allowed to dry, it returns to its powdered form ready to be used again.

Originally developed as a blood absorber. the unique properties of Instant Snow Polymer make it useful for many other applications. When wet, this polymer has the consistency of snow, adheres well to boots, and is very slippery. It is used as an artificial base for skiers and as an artificial snow.

Instant Snow Polymer is made by cross-linking molecules of tile sodium polyacrylate polymer, the material that gives disposable diapers their super absorbent quality. These small individual cross-linked clusters appear as a white powdery substance. When water is added, the individual clusters internally hydrate and expand, forming small, fluffy clusters that do not cling to surrounding clusters. This appears as a powdery snow. When more water is added, the water molecules hydrate the external surface of these clusters and the clusters begin to adhere to one another. This appears as a slush.


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