SAP Agriculture


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Usage in Agriculture, Horticulture & Landscaping

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is a new type macro molecular synthetic material, which can absorb water of hundreds times of its weight in a short time and form granule formations in soil to enhance dank and ventilating ability. It is one kind of functionality macro molecule polymer which is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. It can not conflagrate and blast.

Super Absorbent Polymer is natural, biodegradable starch-based formulation. It demonstrates greater water absorption potential and the ability to freely release water under suction pressure by plant roots.


The product can improve soil quality, preserve water and resist drought, producing a better environment for seeds to sprout and develop. It is harmless and non-polluting with super water absorbing ability and water preserving ability while the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out in simply physical ways and it can release and absorb water repeatedly.

Used in agriculture and forestry, it can form a micro reservoir at plants root. It can absorb natural water which quantity can reach around 250-400 times by its self-weight. It also has better water-retention.

SAP can release and absorb water repeatedly, the water which it absorbs can be absorbed slowly by the seed and plant-root, so this will increase soil moisture effectively and decrease the times of irrigation.

Using this product can save water, labour, and increase the livability for the transplant.

Applying SAP in the drought season, dry land, mountainous area & sloping field, mine terra and desert, can improve virescence effectively, and accelerate to restore the zoology environment.

SAP can be applied together with fertilizer, pesticide, micro-element, radication powder, etc. It can make them release slowly and increase the effects of the fertilization and pesticide, decrease loss of soil nutrients and protect underground water circumstance.

SAP has flocculation function to make fine dust of the soil to become loosed big grains; this can prevent soil to be harden. During repeatedly absorb-release water, it can make soil loosen thus to promote soil edaphon development and increase crop quantity.

It is widely used in agriculture and forestry industry, municipal gardening, drought resisting and water preserving, and sand resisting and controlling aspects, and is playing an important role.

SAP will significantly reduce water depletion while dramatically improving plant survival and growth. It will also reduce water runoff and soil erosion, thus improving the quality of our lakes, streams and rivers. Cost-efficient water management is of particular importance for the agricultural and horticultural industry, e.g. for tree nurseries growing high-value trees and shrubs. With severe droughts occurring on a more frequent basis due to global warming, SAP can help plants survive by reducing irrigation requirements up to 50%.


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