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Sulphamic Acid, Sulfamic Acid

We are quality manufacturers of high grade Sulphamic Acid (Sulfamic). The Sulphamic Acid can be obtained from us in custom quantities at reasonable prices. Sulphamic acid is a colorless, water soluble compound which has many applications. The product is used as a herbicide, textile and paper softener, fire agent, and as a metal cleaning agent. Its main uses are in electroplating, coloring of anodized aluminum, analysis reagent, and complex masking agent

We provide a diverse range of Sulphamic Acid and is also known as amidosulfonic acid and sulfamidic acid. It is a molecular compound with the formula H3NSO3. It is a colorless, water-soluble compound which is widely used for various application areas. Also, sulphamic acid (H3NSO3) is considered as an intermediate compound between sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and sulphamic (H4N2SO2).

Advantages of using Sulphamic Acid
Descalling Water born & Process Scales in Industrial Equipment and Process.
As Part of Cleaning of Metal, Floor Surface, Household Equipment, Condenser Etc.
As Chlorine Stabilizer in Swimming Pool.
Bleaching Additive in Pulp & Paper Industries.
In Leather Dyeing Process.
During Diazizations in Dyes & Pigments Manufacturing.
Plastic Industries as a curing agent.

Various Grades
GP Grade: The GP grade may be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils.
SR Grade: This formulation is recommended for scales containing high silica. Typical examples are scales found in caustic evaporators in the Aluminum industry and black liquor evaporator in the pulp industry.
TM Grade: This formulation is recommended for removal of scales from heat exchangers made of Titanium metal.

No Fumes, no hazards to equipments and personnel.

Rapid Softening, disintegration and dissolving of scales.

By reducing down-time, productivity is increased. by protecting metal and by uniform leaning of the surface equipment life is prolonged and performance made superior. The above information is adequate for commonly encountered problems of descaling.


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