RO Chemicals


RO Membrane Dechlorinators

Feed water to membrane systems often has been treated with chlorine to retard microbiological growth prior to the membrane separation process. This chlorine, however, can irreversibly damage many thin film composite membranes.

Our product is a blend of high performance synthetic compounds, used for de-chlorination of RO feed water.

Salient Features:
High purity product - synthetic grade
Enhances the output water quality
Rapid reaction with chlorine.
Protects polyamide membranes from degradation.
Safe and simple to use.
Concentrated solution.
Protects RO membrane from the potential oxidation which can be caused by free chlorine.

Our product can be used to protect membranes in storage.

We have 2 Grades of RO Membrane Dechlorinators.

1. Low RO Membrane Dechlorinator
2. High RO Membrane Dechlorinator

We have powder form as well as liquid form.

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