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Polyelectrolyte Flocculant

Innova Corporate (India) Chemicals Division brings to you a range of Polyelectrolytes for treatment of water from various processes. We offers top quality products, services and solution to all water related needs of various industries.

Polyelectrolytes are highly versatile products which enhance the performance of a wide range of industrial applications and essential processes right from water purification, oil recovery, colour removal, paper making, mineral processing and a host of other uses. These products offer superior health and environmental benefits.

Polyelectrolytes are both flocculants as well as de­flocculants depending upon the molecular weight. A flocculant is essentially a solid liquid separating agent while a de­flocculant is a dispersing agent.

High molecular weight flocculants are capable of promoting flocculation by neutralizing the superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the water and destabilising each individual particle. The particles then are absorbed by the activated functional group in the flocculant polymer.

Product Characteristics

- Superior floc formation
- Major effects yielded with limited use
- Superior cleaning performance
- Use over a broad pH range
- Combined use with inorganic flocculants heightens superior treatment effects

Uses of Polyelectrolyte

1. Raw Water Treatment
    (+) Clarification (+) Dewatering

2. Industrial Waste Water Treatment
         (+) Primary Clarification (+) Secondary & Tertiary Treatment (+) Sludge Thickening
         (+) Dewatering (+) Colour Removal (+) Deviling (+) Dissolved Air Floatation

3. Sewage Treatment
         (+) Primary Treatment (+) Sludge thickening (+) Sludge dewatering

4. Process Industries 
Paper Making: Retention & Drainage
Sugar Manufacturing: Mud Settling
Thermal Power: Clarification of scrubber water
Mining & Metallurgy: Tailings thickening and water recovery
Coal: Tailings thickening and water recovery
Chlor-alkali: Brine clarification
Petroleum: Drilling fluids, EOR, Profile Modification 

It can be used efficiently in a wide range of applications, particularly for waste water treatment like: 


Industry   Application Area
Waste Water Treatment Plants     : for better sedimentation, filtration and clarification
Raw Water                                 : clarification of potable water in conjunction with alum or poly aluminium chloride
Paper & Pulp : as retention aid and recovery of fines from save all
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals : for sedimentation and decolouring of effluent
Sugar : for sugar juice clarification
Textile : for removal of colour from textile process house effluent
Dyes & Intermediates : for decolouring of effluent
Paints & Pigments : for flocculation of suspended solids
Leather : dewatering of leather tannery effluents
Automobile : splitting of oil emulsions from automobile plant effluents
Minerals : separation of iron ore tailings from iron ore slurry
Marine : clarification of brine and sea - water during the manufacture of caustic soda and soda ash respectively
Metallurgy : clarification of neutral - leach and Acid u leach slurries during the production of copper, zinc metal
Aluminium : clarification and thickening of bauxite ore slurry during digestion with caustic soda in the production of alumina
Steel Plants : for removal of suspended solids from gas cleaning plant effluent
Marbles & Granites : clarification of marble / granite slurry
Asbestos : to improve the wetweb strength and better retention of cement and asbestos
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