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Calcium Hydroxide

With the help of our experienced professionals, we offer excellent quality Calcium Hydroxide. This chemical is accurately formulated using premium quality chemical compounds in line with the set norms of quality. Besides, this Calcium Hydroxide is broadly used in paper, food, petrochemical, paint, plastic and many more industries. We offer this chemical in various packaging options and at industry leading price to our clients.

Calcium oxide formed by calcining calcium carbonate (lime stone) so that carbon di-oxide is liberated. Quick Lime is also called as burnt lime, handpicked lime, calcining lime, lump lime or caustic lime. A caustic substance that is prepared by burning calcium carbonate lime stone at approximately 900 degree Celsius, at this high temperatures carbon dioxide is driven off and the lime Stone is converted to quick lime. A chemical compound with formula (CaO) it is a whitish, odorless alkaline substance, that does not dissolve well in water. It can be used as a lining material. Major use is in various industrial processes like metal smelting, paper bleaching, sulphur neutralization in sugar and so many. It is used in many water and waste water treatment operations such as softening. Our range of quick lime includes Burnt Lime, Dolomitic Lime, Grinded Quick Lime, Calcined Lime Powder. Our range of quick lime includes burnt lime, dolomitic lime, grinded quic lime and calcined lime powder.

Hygienically processed
Accurate composition
Easily soluble in water

Water Treatment Plant
Effluent Treatment Plant
pH Control
Paint Industries
Petroleum refining Industries
Food Industries
Leather Industry
Paper Industry
Metallurgical Industries (Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Iron, etc)
Marble/Granite Cutting
Glass Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Cement paints
Bleaching Powder
Di Calcium Phosphate manufacturing
Rubber Industry
Road making and construction
Sugar Industries


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