Filtration Media


Water Filter Gravel

Our filtration gravel is naturally hard, rounded to sub rounded and predominantly quartz aggregate. The gravel is thoroughly washed and screened into various sizes and grades as required by the client.

We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water filtration gravel and pebbles in India.

We have wide range of Water Filter Gravel and Support Pebble that we offer, is spherical in shape and allows even distribution in support beds and good flow. It is quite similar to Filter Sand in properties, but the only difference is its shape. These are free from calcium and are very effective in the case of softeners, as this helps in maintaining the quality. Support gravel acts as a support for the filter media and forms the lower levels of the filter bed.


Washed & Graded Water Filter
Gravel/Support Pebble
Gravel (General Grade)
Color: Yellow/brown Grey/Off White
Shape: Spherical Sub-Angular
Hardness: 7-8 on MOH scale 6 - 7 on MOH scale
Bulk Density: 1680 kgs per cubic meters 1590 kg per cubic meters
Specific Gravity: 2.65 2.6

The following are characteristics of our gravel material:

Free of organic impurities
The grains are smooth and rounded or sub-angular
It is made of hard, insoluble, siliceous material
Is uniform in size
Is quartz based with high silica content

Our filtration gravel is suitable for the below purposes:

Drinking Water Treatment / Water Filtration
In Pressure Filters / Dual Media Filters
For packing in tube wells and bore wells
Rainwater Harvesting
Effluent & Sewage Treatment
Landscaping / covering of pathways

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