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Alum Ferric / Powder / Slabs / Lumps

We supply Alum (Ferric / Non Ferric) to all our regular clients. Ferric Alum is widely used in Paper Industries & Water Treatment Industries.

  • Insoluble matter percent by mass, max.: 0.5
  • Soluble iron compounds, percent by mass max.: 0.7
  • Water soluble aluminium compounds(as AL2O3:), percent by mass, max.: 16.0
  • Ph( of 5% aqueous solution), min.: 2.7
  • Basicity (as AL2O3:), percent by mass, max.: 0.5
  • Lead as (Pb), parts per million, max.: 30
  • Arsenic ( as AL2O3:), parts per million max.: 6    
Ferric Alum Powder  
We offer a quality range of Ferric Alum Powder that finds application in various industrial processes. To serve our clients with pure and excellent quality alum powder, we procure our chemicals from renowned vendors across the globe. We conduct various quality tests on this chemical at our quality testing unit to be sure that the composition of chemical abides by the industry standards.

Ferric Alum Powder


Ferric Alum Powder

Ferric Alum Lumps- Aluminium Sulphate

We offer a chemically balanced range of Ferric Alum Lumps Aluminium Sulphate that is used in various industrial processes. Ferric alum is a compound that is mostly available in form of lumps, kibbles or powder, which are soluble in water. This compound is also characterized by sweet taste, and non-combustible and non toxic nature. It has a molecular weight of 594 and pH level of minimum 2.8. This range is suggested to be stored in a dry place, avoiding eye and skin contact.

Ferric Alum Lumps Slabs

Ferric Alum Lumps / Slabs

Ferric Ammonium - Alum Crystals
We are the renowned traders of fine quality Ferric Ammonium - Alum crystals. These crystals find application in industries like Pulp and Paper, Water & Water Treatment and Dyeing & Purification to name a few. We are engaged in supplying these Ferric Ammonium - Alum crystals in different mesh sizes. Further, we conduct stringent tests on these crystals at our quality control unit to ensure that these crystals are suitable for use in industrial and medical processes. Clients can also avail these crystals in different kinds of packaging as per their need. Ferric Alum Crystals
Ferric Alum Crystals
Ferric Ammonium - Alum Lumps
We are engaged in procuring and supplying a diverse range of Ferric Ammonia Alum Lumps. This range is soluble in water and hence finds application in various industry processes like Dyeing & Purification, Water & Water Treatment to name a few. Our range abides by the industry standards and is tested on strict parameters under the vigil of our quality experts.

Ferric Alum Lumps

Ferric Alum Lumps

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