Glutaraldehyde is an organic compound. Glutaraldehyde is used to disinfect medical, dental equipment, industrial water treatment and as a chemical preservative.

Glutaraldehyde is a chemical frequently used as a disinfectant and sterilizing agent against bacteria and viruses (2% solution), an embalming fluid and tissue fixative, a component of leather tanning solutions, and an intermediate in the production of certain sealants, resins, dyes, and electrical products.

Pungent colorless oily liquid. Soluble in water and alcohol.

Physical Properties Of Glutaraldehyde:
Property                                         50%               100%
Freezing point                               -21°C               -14°C
Boiling point                                 101oC             188oC
Density (water = 1)                       1.13                 0.72
Vapour density                               n.a.                 4.1 g/L
Relative density (air = 1)               n.a.                  3.4
Vapour pressure (20°C)             2.03 Pa               –
pH                                              mildly acid           n.a.
Refractive index                           1.421              1.4338
(at 25°C, 589 nm)
N.A. Not applicable.

Chemical Properties Of Glutaraldehyde:

Solubility Soluble in all proportions in water and ethanol; soluble in benzene and ether.
Hydrolysis Stability decreases with increasing pH. 3
pH 5, half-life 508 days.
pH 7, half-life 102 days.
pH 9, half-life 46 days

Cold disinfectant in the health care industry
Biocide in water treatment
Hardener in x-ray film processing
In tanning as a fixative
In animal housing for disinfection
As a biocide in aquaculture
As an embalming agent
In small quantities as a disinfectant for air ducts.
As a tissue fixative in electron and light microscopy and in histochemistry.
As a biocide in aquaculture.
In small quantities as an embalming agent. and
As a therapeutic agent.

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